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Engagement Makeup for Bride

Makeup is a vital aspect that distinguishes your appearance on your engagement day. It takes a lot of consideration because it is the first formal pre-wedding ceremony in most countries, and you want to make a decent first impression. You’ll need new makeup for any of the pre-wedding ceremonies that follow and you don’t want to look the same in any of your wedding photos.

Engagement makeup is a transitional look between bridal and party makeup. Neither should it be as light as a party look, nor as heavy as the latter. It can be achieved with either simple or specialised products and techniques.

But how do you achieve the flawless engagement makeup look? If you’d like to look like a vision, we have compiled 10 looks to make you look gorgeous for your big day. It all depends on a variety of reasons, so go ahead and read up on how to get the perfect engagement makeup right now.

A common mistake is to begin applying makeup without proper skin cleansing. Correctly washing your face helps skincare ingredients to penetrate deeper and offer the maximum benefits to the skin. Facial cleansing gives you a healthier complexion, which is necessary for applying makeup. Wash your face with cold water for soothing and firming the skin.

Engagement Makeup Looks

  1. Ombré Eyeshadow with a Gradient Look:
  2.  It’s a classic look that includes creating a stunning focal point for your makeup by mixing many shades of eyeshadow together in a gradient.
  3. Bare Face with a Thin Eyeliner: For her an outdoor engagement, you can opt for barely-there makeup, thinly lined eyes, and long lashes. Pair the look with a natural shade lipstick.


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